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Cancer – The Enemy Within

“I am sorry to inform you, your test results indicate that you have cancer”. I cannot even imagine what goes through an individual’s mind, hearing these devastating words and yet thausands of people around the world hear those words daily. Like all illnesses, whether they are mental or physical in nature, cancer too is on the

Are you clinging to your thoughts and believes?

Lately I’ve been dealing with a fair amount of people that cling to what they believe in and what they perceive to be true. They defend those beliefs with such fierceness that, any attempt to make them see things in a different light, is futile. From an early age we become programmed with certain belief

Who would you be without your story?

Over the last few days I’ve met some wonderful people. Wonderful, but in many ways troubled and hurt. For the most, they represent a large part of humanity.  Being bashed around by life is pretty much an element of the human experience. It is how we deal with these experiences though that defines us and

The Food and Drug Administration is a Big Pharma puppet

There are so many things we are misinformed about and even if you do not want to believe me, at least inform yourself. Information is but a mouse click away these days. Develop and enquiring mind –ask questions and teach your children to do so. All too many of us are following mainstream media, which

Staying sane in a world gone mad

Somali’s are dying of hunger, hydraulic fracturing (fracking), seal pups clubbed to death in Namibia, Rhino’s massacred for their horns …there is a seemingly endless list of this insanity happening, while we sit and watch. I suppose as long as it does not affect our immediate surroundings, why should we care, right? Wrong! In this