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Why do some people get ill and others don’t?

  So the other day I was asked a very interesting question, which got me thinking, that maybe I should just write a blog about it. The question was a follows:  Why do some individuals get Cancer, and others don’t? I have met people who never smoked, and yet got lung Cancer. Others are chain

What is Perfect?

A while ago I saw a message on Facebook that read, “Remind yourself that it is okay not to be perfect”. We read all these little messages on a daily basis, but we don’t really give them much thought. Most of these messages are meant to install a positive way of thinking, but let’s face

My wish for 2012

So, the much anticipated 2012 is here. The doomsday prophets are going to have a whole lot of fun this year and many will go through the recommended check-list, ready for whatever is to come. Everybody is trying to get some mileage out of the supposed end date, 21 December 2012. On New Year’s Eve,

What chance has our Medical System got?

I don’t mean to be negative, but if a first world country, like America has a failing health care system, I cannot see how a developing country like South Africa, where fraud and corruption is the order of the day, can have a successful one. According to our government, 2012 will introduce the national health

Naturopathy = the way of Nature

As you may have gathered from my previous entry, I am currently doing a degree course in Doctor of Naturopathy. Other than some subjects (which I have done before and I find a bit repetitive) I am enjoying the course tremendously. It differs to a large extent to all my other studies, in that that

No control- no discipline

First, an Apology To all my blog readers, I do apologize about the less frequent blog entries, but as you well know time is hard to come by and of course I am the type of person that tries to cram more into my already busy days. Apart from studying Naturopathy, I have now also

Take time to do what you love

I don’t know about you, but for a while now I’ve been feeling like someone has pushed the fast forward button of life. You wake up in the morning to find the day halfway gone and whatever you planned to get done, will have to wait for the next day. Of course the next day

The untrained uncontrolled mind

On Sunday an Indian gentleman came to my door to ask me for advice. A few weeks ago, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and true to our modern medicine model, was put on medication. I’m not sure what the name of the medication is, but according to him, it was not working for

Allopathic medicine has a place, but not with “chronic” conditions

To many of you it may sound that I am completely against allopathic medicine…well, not completely. Many lives have been saved by allopathic doctors, especially when it comes to acute injuries like car accidents, burns, broken bones, heat exhaustion, frostbite etc. In these instances, allopathic medicine certainly has earned its rightful place. Although I have

The Incredible Power of our Thinking Mind

How many times have you heard that you are what you think you are, or, that you create your own reality? We hear it so often, but do we really listen? Because we are such a physical species, we pay very little attention to the intangible and the invisible. However, just think of an overexposure