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How many times have you heard that you are what you think you are, or, that you create your own reality? We hear it so often, but do we really listen? Because we are such a physical species, we pay very little attention to the intangible and the invisible. However, just think of an overexposure to UV rays or even worse, radioactivity. Although we cannot see these dangers we have become very aware of them and take measures to protect ourselves from them. Thoughts can be just as dangerous, especially incessant negative thinking of yourself or the world at large. How does it do that? There is an emerging field of science called psychoneuroimmunology, which has demonstrated the connection between the mind and the body. What it has shown is that every thought produces a biochemical reaction in the brain. The brain then releases signals that are transmitted to the body, where they act as messengers of thought. The thoughts that produced the chemicals in the brain allow your body to feel exactly the way you were just thinking. So, in other words, every thought produces a chemical that is matched by a feeling in your body. Essentially, if you think happy, inspiring or positive thoughts, your brain manufactures chemicals; called neuropeptides that make you feel joyful, inspired or, uplifted. If you have angry hateful or self-deprecating thoughts, the brain produces the corresponding neuropeptides, which make the body feel the same way. So, thoughts become feelings, or, mind becomes matter.

Addiction to thought

Let’s think about a predominantly negative thinking person. Due to this constant loop of thoughts that create feelings; the body becomes addicted to the specific neuropeptides. How? Pretty much like an addictive chemical drug. Our cells express certain receptors on their cell surface (cell membrane) to receive these neuropeptides. Suppose a person lives much of his or her life caught in repetitive negative thought, their cell membranes over express receptors to receive these negative-thought neuropeptides. Should that person make a conscious decision to become more positive thinking, their cells do not have the receptors to recognise these positive-thought neuropeptides and demand the negative-thought peptides. Even though it was their every intention to think more positive, they then feel that the body is tired and depressed and because they feel it, they think it. So now the body is in the driving seat and causing the negative thought pattern.

Thinking becomes feeling, which becomes state of being

It should come as no surprise that the more we think the same thoughts, which produce the same chemicals and therefore cause the body to have the same feelings, the more we physically become modified by our thoughts. In this way, depending on what we are thinking and feeling, we create our state of being. What we think therefore directly influences our health, the choices we make and ultimately the quality of our life.

Thoughts and their influence on health- emotional or physical

There are many people that have defied conventional medicine and experienced spontaneous remissions or healings from serious disease.  Dr. Joe Dispenza studied some of these people and what became apparent from his interviews with them was that these people reinvented themselves. They stopped thinking of their illness and focused all their attention on healing.  A lot of them used visualization techniques. For example  cancer patients would visualize their own cells attacking the tumour and reducing it in size until it was gone, or patients with  broken bones would visualize bone growth and healing in that area. They would make this the most important practice of their day. They refused to allow anything but their intention to regain normal health to occupy their mind. In addition, they made a conscious effort to observe their automatic thought processes, especially the harmful ones. These individuals were determined to manage their thoughts and eliminate ways of thinking that did not serve them. Surprisingly, all these individuals look back upon their life-threatening disease as a gift, since it guided them to a greater understanding of how thoughts matter and how they impact the body as a whole.  

If are you are faced with potential illness or disease here are some ways you can use the power of your brain to improve your chances of recovery.

Don’t think about the pain.
Focus on an area of your body that is in perfect health and imagine this part to spread to the rest of your body.

Concentrate on getting better.
Don’t think about the illness, focus on healing.

Imagine you have a strong immune system.
Picture your immune cells fighting off infections.

Listen to your body.
Trust in your body’s infinite power to heal.

Believe in miracles.
After all, spontaneous healing/remission have happened over and over again.

Take time to deal with negative things.
It is important to figure out where the negativity comes from, so it can be dealt with and not arise again.

Stop thinking of yourself as a sick or injured person.
Your mind goes into victim mode, which always puts you at the mercy of your illness or injury.


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